Perhaps you have heard of geofencing. It is an area on a virtual map that is tracked through the use of GPS. The most common uses of geofencing are smart home control, security and family tracking. However, there are a myriad of uses for geofencing. The following are a few of the lesser known uses for a geofence.

Ski Resorts

When a ski resort uses geofencing, operators have the capability to notify skiers when they are approaching off-limits areas. This helps not only the skier to avoid potentially dangerous accidents, it helps the ski resort to reduce these accidents. This is a win-win situation!

National Parks

Hikers can download a geofencing-enabled app that tells park rangers where they are at any given time. This way, the rangers can act quickly in case of an emergency. This is an optional tool when hiking in a National park, but it is especially helpful if you are with small children. Both you and the park rangers can feel more at ease by utilizing a geo-fencing application.

Elder Care

Geofencing technology in elder care is a game changer. Nursing homes can use a geofencing app to set up a perimeter around their facilities. This allows them to track patients when they go to medical checkups, or even out to the grocery store. It is also extremely helpful for a patient who may wander off the premises. Caregivers would be notified immediately if this were to happen, cutting down the time an elderly person is offsite.

Pet Tracking

By outfitting your pet with a GPS collar, you have the ability to know in real time if your pet leaves your yard. This prevents the pet from being gone for a long period of time. Once the owner gets the notification that their dog or cat has left the bounds of the geofence, they can start tracking them down, instead of waiting until they get home from their day to find out their pet is nowhere to be found!

Geofencing is breaking into many industries in 2018. We usually think of security as its core use, but geofencing can be used in ski resorts, national parks, elder care and pet tracking as well!