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Admiral Mark Heinrich, Mark Heinrich, Aircraft Carrier

Naval Prowess Leads to Naval Maintenance

While American military prowess is often depicted as the most powerful in the world, the question of why largely goes unexplained. Sure, we realize that our capacity for technology and budget for defense exceeds that of other countries, but what, really, distinguishes the United State military from another Western industrialized ...

Admiral Mark Heinrich, Technology, 3D Printing

The Fourth Dimension of 3-D Printing

In this day and age of rapid technological expansion, we find ourselves continually facing unprecedented issues which we are then forced to react to on our feet, clueless of history because history is irrelevant in the face of technological progression. All we know is that as our affinity for creation increases, so does our degree ...


The Pentagon On Guard as Technology Evolves

It seems like nothing is impossible when it comes to technology in this day an age. As the years pass, technology continues to evolve with more and more advanced techniques. Many have celebrated the freedom they experience when it comes to being able to reaching out to people in the farthest corners of the Earth. For agencies like ...


The Big Green Giant – The Navy Launches the First Green Fleet

In mid January, the Navy launched the “Great Green Fleet” out of San Diego. The Fleet represents the Navy and Marine Corps' first strides into adopting alternative energy sources to enhance military operations. The energy-saving capability will help to combat the over usage of the Earth’s natural resources and protect the ...

Cloud History 101

Cloud History 101

With the cloud becoming more and more of daily life, I wanted to share the origins of it. Please check out my presentation on it below and let me know what you think. Feel free to comment and ...


Heads in the Cloud – Improving Your Cloud Usage

The cloud is something everyone has heard of in recent years. Everyone has some kind of experience with it. It could be from their own personal smartphones or through work as more and more businesses are shifting to use cloud technology. As we move deeper and deeper into technology, the cloud has mystified and confused plenty still. ...


Pearl Harbor Plane Uncovered

A day that will live on in infamy has somehow found a way to reveal yet another lost artifact from the past. As the 74th anniversary of the attack of Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor approaches new photos have surfaced showing a US Navy seaplane that was lost during the battle. Archaeologists from NOAA and the University of Hawaii released ...

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier sails about 150 miles north of the island of Oahu during the RIMPAC Naval exercises off Hawaii

Admiral Heinrich Online

There are a great wealth of resources where you can find Admiral Mark Heinrich online.  Here are a few below.  Click the links to learn ...



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